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Table 1 Participants of the focus groups, including the pilot focus group, exploring end-user requirements for eRehabilitation in stroke care

From: How to improve eRehabilitation programs in stroke care? A focus group study to identify requirements of end-users

 PatientsInformal caregiversProfessionals
Number of participants32a1513
Gender, male; number (%)19 (59)4 (27)3 (23)
Age in years; mean (SD)57 (15)61 (10)
Time since stroke in months; mean (SD)28 (14)
Physical impairment; number (%)20 (63)
Problems with communication; number (%)16 (50)
Cognitive impairment; number (%)24 (75)
Using digital devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone) in daily life; number (%)32 (100)
Purpose of using digital devices; number (%)b:
 Access to email18 (56)  
 Access to applications15 (47)  
 Searching information10 (31)  
 Playing games14 (44)  
 Doing exercises8 (25)  
Profession; number (%):
 Physiotherapist3 (23)
 Psychologist1 (8)
 Occupational therapist3 (23)
 Speech therapist1 (8)
 Rehabilitation physician4 (31)
 Team coordinator1 (8)
  1. aIncluding the five innovation partners
  2. bPatients could give more than one answer to each question