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Table 1 A summary of key challenges identified from implementer and user perspectives

From: Harnessing mobile devices to support the delivery of community-based clinical care: a participatory evaluation

Implementer (IT Team) key challenges.
Taken from 6 key member from the IT team
End user (community nurses) challenges
Taken from 20 early adopters of the CareNotes service
Clinicians (adopters) were suspicious that iPads were being given out for free and wondered what information they were stealthily giving in return for using the devices. Community nurses found that processes involved in updating and maintaining the devices needed too much effort.
The IT team required more effort than they anticipated to train nurses to use devices effectively. Some nurses did not take part of training or came into training sessions unprepared. Community nurses found themselves using iPads for work purposes when at home.
Effort was needed by the IT team to manage nurses' expectation that the devices will solve all mobile work issues at immediately. Nurses were concerned that it was not clear who they should contact if they had a problem with their devices.