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Table 1 Papers surveyed for ontology evaluation software tools

From: Architecture and usability of OntoKeeper, an ontology evaluation tool

Paper Method
Ontology Evaluation and Ranking using OntoQA [5] OntoQA metrics [6]
A Web-Based Ontology Evaluation System [7] Burton-Jones based; focused on the “subjective” metrics
A Survey on Ontology Evaluation Tools [8] Survey paper that discussed OntoAnalyser (OntoEdit plugin), OntoGenerator (OntoEdit plugin), WebODE plugin for OntoClean, Ontology Evaluation Tool, and S-OntoEval
Quality Model and Metrics of Ontology for Semantic Descriptions of Web Services [9] Paper is corrected version [10] that extends the ontology evaluation framework they introduced earlier
An Ontology Selection and Ranking System Based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process [11] Applies analytic hierarchy process to evaluate ontology through Java-based application tools. Calculates language expressivity, domain coverage, size, consistency, and cohesion
Ranking ontologies in the Ontology Building Competition BOC 2014 [12] Ranking-based metric system implemented as a web-based tool. Calculates structural, semantic, and term quality