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Table 2 Topic words by TKM (6 months before CI diagnosis)

From: Early temporal characteristics of elderly patient cognitive impairment in electronic health records

Section Word distribution for topics
All pain symptom scalepati feel hpi fatigu numer loss vomit rate worst appetit statusth climb headach
Set of sections sleep apnea cpap obstruct sleepi oximetri interfac daytime polysomnographi snore
History of present illness glucos sugar metformin pressur blood insulin vitamin diabet cholesterol losartan interact hydrochlorothiazide
Medication sugar glucos metformin decitabin blood pseudogout copeman diabet losartan fast insulin lantu read station glipizide
Diagnosis lesion carcinoma cell dermatolog melanoma ulcer cancer squamou surgeri concern examin nonmelanoma
  1. The bold font denotes the correlated words for a given topic relevant to CI