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Table 5 Usability issues identified in the third design iteration usability testing focus group

From: ALOHA: developing an interactive graph-based visualization for dietary supplement knowledge graph through user-centered design

Theme Usability Issue Heuristic Number of participants reporting issues
(n = 8)
Lack of instruction Lack of instructions for the node buttons Reduce uncertainty 2/8
System complexity Need to watch the tutorial first before using the system Reduce uncertainty 3/8
Incomplete functionality Search history should not contain duplicates Group data in consistently meaningful ways 1/8
Search history should be categorized by type Fuse data 3/8
Sometimes the lines between nodes disappear after filtering Reduce uncertainty 1/8
The zoom button is not moving with the mouse pointer Reduce uncertainty 1/8
The number of provided questions is not enough Provide multiple coding of data when appropriate 1/8
The “Brief introduction” tutorial appears every time Automate unwanted workload 1/8
Long response time The reaction time for product search autocomplete is too long Reduce uncertainty 2/8
Unclear information presentation It is a little hard to understand the search results Present new information with meaningful aids to interpretation 2/8