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Table 1 Hypertension case ascertainment algorithms from administrative health records (AHRs) and electronic medical records (EMRs)

From: Combining population-based administrative health records and electronic medical records for disease surveillance

Data source Contact frequency, source and duration ICD 9-CM/10-CA diagnosis codes ATC medication codes
AHR 1 + H or 2 + P in 2 years ICD-9-CM: 401–405 ICD-10-CA: I10-I13, I15  
EMR (2 + P in 2 years) or 1 + PL or 1 + Rx ever ICD-9-CM: 401–405 C07AB04, C09XA02, C03DB01, C08CA01, C07AB03, C07CB03, C09AA07, C09AA01, C07AG02, C03BA04, C09AA08, C09AA02, C09BA02, C09CA02, C09DA02, C08CA02, C09AA09,C03AA03, C03EA01, C03BA11, C09CA04, C09DA04, C09AA03, C09BA03, C09DA01, C02LB01, C03BA08, C09CA07, C07AA06, C09AA10, C03DB02, C09CA03, C08DA01
  1. H Hospital discharge abstract, P Physician billing claim, PL Problem list, Rx Drug codes; ICD-9-CM/10-CA International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification and 10th version of the Canadian version, ATC Anatomic Therapeutic Chemical classification system