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Table 1 The PDA random sample

From: Patient decision aids: a content analysis based on a decision tree structure

ID Subject Title Valid Current as of Author Recommended use
1. Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s: Consider options for long-term care. Mayo Clinic [88] Yes 25/03/16 Mayo Clinic Ø Patients and Consumers
2. Back Pain Low Back Pain: Should I Try Epidural Steroid Shots? Healthwise [89] Yes 23/05/16 Healthwise !Patients and Consumers
3. Breast and Ovarian Cancer Breast Cancer Risk: Should I Have a BRCA Gene Test? Healthwise [90] Yes 26/07/16 Healthwise !Patients and Consumers
4. Breast Cancera Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer With Medicine: A Guide for Women Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) [91] Yes 01/01/10 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality # Patients and Consumers
5. Breast Cancer Understanding ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and deciding about treatment. University of Sydney [92] Yes 2010 National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre Ø During consultation
6. Cholesterol Cardiovascular Risk Decision Support Tool. HealthDecision [7] Yes 2015 Jon Keevil, MD, HealthDecision !During consultation
7. Connective Tissue Disorders Dupuytren’s Disease: Should I Have Hand Surgery? Healthwise [93] Yes 24.10.2016 Healthwise !Patients and Consumers
8. Elbow Injuries and Disorders Tennis elbow: Should I have surgery? Healthwise [94] Yes 23.05.2016 Healthwise !Patients and Consumers
9. Flu (Influenza) Flu: Should I take antiviral medicine? Healthwise [95] Yes 23.05.2016 Healthwise !Patients and Consumers
10. Osteoarthritis Knee osteoarthritis: treatment options Option Grid Collaborative [96] Yes 2014 OptionGrid !Patients and Consumers
11. Osteoporosis Should I take risedronate (Actonel®) for osteoporosis? Cochrane Musculoskeletal Group [97] Yes 2011 Cochrane Musculoskeletal Group Ø Doctor Consultation
12. Panic Disorder Panic disorder: Should I take medicine? Healthwise [98] Yes 26.07.2016 Healthwise !Patients and Consumers
13. Prediabetes Prediabetes: Which Treatment Should I Use to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes? Healthwise [99] Yes 23.05.2016 Healthwise !Patients and Consumers
14. Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer: Should I choose active surveillance? Healthwise [100] Yes 26/07/2016 Healthwise USA !Patients and Consumers
15. Prostate Cancer Prostate specific antigen (PSA) test: yes or no? Option Grid Collaborative [101] Yes 19/09/2016 OptionGrid Collaborative !Patients and Consumers
16. Prostate Diseases Enlarged Prostate: Should I Take Medicine? Healthwise [102] Yes 14/06/2016 Healthwise !Patients and Consumers
17. Sore throat Sore throat: antibiotics or not? Option Grid Collaborative [103] Under revision 14/07/2014 Option Grid Collaborative !Patients and Consumers
18. Toilet Training Bed-wetting: Should I do something about my child’s bed-wetting? Healthwise [104] Yes 26/07/2016 Healthwise !Patients and Consumers
19. Testicular cancer Testicular Cancer: Which Treatment Should I Have for Stage I Nonseminoma Testicular Cancer After My Surgery? Healthwise [105] Yes 26/07/2016 Healthwise !Patients and Consumers
20. Care When you need extra care, should you receive it at home or in a facility? [8] Yes 2010 Ottawa Hospital Ø Patients and Consumers
  1. aNot a free tool
  2. Legend:! = interactive tool; Ø = not interactive; # = unavailable tool