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Table 1 Example concepts table for variables in the SEER data

From: The Generalized Data Model for clinical research

id vocabulary_id concept_code concept_text
100010943 naaccr_grade 1 Grade I; grade i; grade 1; well differentiated; differentiated, NOS
100010944 naaccr_grade 2 Grade II; grade ii; grade 2; moderately differentiated; moderately well differentiated; intermediate differentiation
100010945 naaccr_grade 3 Grade III; grade iii; grade 3; poorly differentiated; differentiated
100010946 naaccr_grade 4 Grade IV; grade iv; grade 4; undifferentiated; anaplastic
100010947 naaccr_grade 5 T-cell; T-precursor
100010948 naaccr_grade 6 B-cell; Pre-B; B-Precursor
100010949 naaccr_grade 7 Null cell; Non T-non B;
100010950 naaccr_grade 8 N K cell (natural killer cell)
100010951 naaccr_grade 9 cell type not determined, not stated or not applicable
  1. Note: SEER = Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results, a collection of data from cancer registries across the United States. NAACCR = North American Association of Central Cancer Registries