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Table 1 Direct improvements on dengue surveillance targeted to be achieved by Mo-Buzz [9]

From: Epihack Sri Lanka: development of a mobile surveillance tool for dengue fever

Function Challenges Intervention (Mo-Buzz)
Surveillance - Paper reporting forms posted to Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) for consolidation and re-posted to Ministry of Health (MOH) by patient region
- Dengue cases marked on physical map in MOH office-colour coding map with stickers is cluttered and time consuming
- Digital forms automatically sent to relevant
- GPS geotagging of dengue sites accessible by all PHIs using Mo-Buzz, digitally colour coordinated by action.
Health Communication - PHIs use paper leaflets/materials to inform public. Costly and time consuming to produce and outdated
- Public have to seek out dengue information through traditional methods
- Educational materials assist PHIs to educate public
- Public can access updated information on outbreaks
- PHIs can respond to public queries more quickly and efficiently
Civic Engagement - PHIs manually discover potential dengue cases through hospitals and visit public. Public are not actively seeking to notify of dengue cases - Public can report location of breeding sites and submit potential dengue cases to instantly notify PHIs to investigate