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Table 1 Attributes Used to Consult with the Experts

From: Decision tree–based classifier in providing telehealth service

Attributes Data Type Attributes Data Type
Insurance Amount (FIns_amt) numeric Gender category
Age numeric Reim_Spe (FRS) category
outpatient frequency (Fop) category Economic Priority (FEco) category
inpatient frequency (Fip) category Age Group (FAge) category
No. of outpatient times (op_time) numeric Insurance Level (FIL) category
No. of inpatient times (ip_time) numeric Drug Duration (FDD) category
No. of days in an emergency bed (EB day) numeric Chronic Bed Rate (FCBR) numeric
No. of days in a chronic bed (CB day) numeric Target Disease (FTD) category
No. of drug prescription days (drug day) numeric Copayment Exemption Mark (FCEM) category
Remoteness (FR) category Distance (FDis) numeric
the amount of medical fees (Total amount) numeric Target Treatment (FTT) category