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Table 2 A presentation of post-discharge stroke patients’ information needs related potential eHealth services (adopted from [27]), an overview of available service contracts, APIs based on the post discharge stroke patients’ and information needs and their need of eHealth services

From: Accessing and sharing health information for post-discharge stroke care through a national health information exchange platform - a case study

Necessary information identified in previous studies Potential eHealth services Service contract APIs available for citizen services and services for healthcare professionals Comments
An overview of what has happened My discharge notes Not Available Not available  
An overview of what is planned My calendar Available Not available  
  My referrals Available Available (Referral status for citizen and Referral response for care professionals) Referral status is available for both citizen services and care professionals
An overview of health related information My health information (diagnosis, symptoms, disease history) Available Available (diagnosis) Diagnosis is available both for citizen services and care professionals.
  My medication Available Available (Medication data for citizen, Medication list for care professionals) Available for both citizen services and care professionals
An overview of risk factors and disabilities My risk factors Available Available Since the risk factors are documented in patient’s EHR, the information is possible to retrieve through ‘GetCareDocumentation’
Available for both citizen services and care professionals
  My disabilities Available Available (PADL + Disability for citizen, Function status for care professionals)  
An overview of care providers contact information, their specialties, and responsibilities My care contacts Available Available (contact information for healthcare) Available for both citizen services and care professionals
Measurement and documentation of health related parameters My diary Not available, patient’s own information Not available  
Support for sharing of personal observations
An overview of the goals and planned activities My rehabilitation plan Available Available (My care plan) My care plan also include rehabilitation plan. However, it is only available for care professionals
Rights and responsibilities regarding e.g. continued rehabilitation, assistive devices and health insurance My rights & My responsibilities Not available, available publically Not available  
An overview of patients associations and social networks My patient organizations and support associations Not available, Links to 1177 or insurance agency Not available  
  My assistive tools Not available Not available  
  Information about me e.g. my personal data, my contact details Available Not available  
  About stroke Not available, common information Not available  
  Reminders Not available, Patient’s own information Not available