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Table 3 Evaluation questions and corresponding class expressions

From: “OPTImAL”: an ontology for patient adherence modeling in physical activity domain

“What are the reasons for non-adherence to a 1-year-duration cardiac rehabilitation program for women?”
Query 1: hasRelationTo some NonAdherenceToCrUp1YearPeriod and (hasRelationType value Reason) and (isStudiedIn value FemalePopulation)
“Are there any patient determinants that facilitate adherence to long-term outpatient cardiac rehabilitation?”
Query 2: hasRelationTo some AdherenceToCrMore3YearsPeriod and (hasRelationType value Facilitator)
“What adherence-related factors were studied in a group of patients with heart disease and depression?”
Query 3: isStudiedIn value DepressionPopulation
“What are predictors of adherence to exercise after index hospitalization?”
Query 4: hasRelationTo some AdherenceToExerciseAfterIh and (hasRelationType value Predictor)
“What are the facilitators of adherence to physical activity after a cardiac rehabilitation program in a group of patients with depression?”
Query 5: hasRelationTo some AdherenceToPaAfterCr and (hasRelationType value Facilitator) and (isStudiedIn value DepressionPopulation)