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Table 4 Additional items deemed as hazards by participants

From: Falls Sensei: a serious 3D exploration game to enable the detection of extrinsic home fall hazards for older adults

Name Hazard Quote
Lucy Mats Mats I think are ambiguous, because unless they are completely fixed to the floor, you know, they’re trip hazards.
Daniel Layout of furniture The edge of the desk is just beyond the door. So you walk in and hit… for furniture you want rounded corners.
Thomas Layout of furniture That furniture is partly obstructing the door way… someone who has designed the game hasn’t thought about that.
Matthew Doors The [bathroom] door opens that way, does it? So it opens… it could hit you in the back or something.
Matthew Swivel office chair Oh, that’s a funny object: that chair. They swivel and if you hold on to it and it swivels… if you’re not too steady on your pins, it could potentially throw you off balance.
Joshua Positioning of ‘safe’ bath rail I would’ve suggested it [the bath rail] should be lower. You’re never going to reach that in a sitting position.
Thomas Positioning of ‘safe’ bath rail Oh, very high that rail, isn’t it!
Joshua Positioning of ‘safe’ toilet roll I don’t think the toilet is necessarily a fall hazard, but certainly where the toilet roll is… reaching.
Lucy Table in Lounge This table looks uneven to me, because it seems to be balanced on something… is that a trip hazard? It could lead to a fall.
Thomas Cooking oil by stove This object [oil] is in a safe place? But it’s right next to the cooker!
Daniel Cooking oil by stove Would you put it [oil] there… I don’t think so. You get flames coming out of the saucepan, and heat.
Thomas Lack of pull cord in bathroom Yeah, but I’ll tell you also, inside a bathroom, you shouldn’t have a finger switch.
Charlotte Lack of pull cord in bathroom But you’re not allowed to have a light inside the bathroom, I know that because we build our own ourselves.
Deborah Wooden Stairs Your stairs did look as though they were just wood and that could be, you know, you might slip on stairs - it might be better if they have a carpet.
Karen Balusters on stairs too far apart Somebody could fall through the stairs - there’s quite a few - the gaps in the stairs are quite wide, really, aren’t they?