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Table 1 T1D treatment essential data elements

From: A mobile health monitoring-and-treatment system based on integration of the SSN sensor ontology and the HL7 FHIR standard

TP data element HL7 FHIR resource Description SSN class SSN Mapping Cloud database table BFO universal
Patient + demographic Patient Person who plays the patient role (e.g. age, address, gender) Patient BFO: BFO_0000023
Physician Practitioner Person who plays the role of physician, nutritionist, etc. Practitioner BFO: BFO_0000023
Relative Related person Person who plays the patient’s family member role Related person BFO: BFO_0000023
Vital sign Observation Vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature observationValue Exact Observation BFO: OBI_0000027
Blood glucose level Observation Patient blood glucose level from sensor observationValue Exact Observation BFO: OBI_0000027
Lab test result Observation Lab test result (e.g. HbA1c, LDL, and RPG)   Observation BFO: OBI_0000027
Physical examination Observation Such as height, weight, BMI, and level of activity observationValue Exact Observation BFO: OBI_0000027
Social history Observation Patient medical history (e.g. smoking history, alcohol intake) Observation BFO: OBI_0000027
Patient symptom Condition Persistent patient symptoms that need long term management Condition BFO: BFO_0000019
Complication Condition Pregnancy and current and previous diseases or diagnoses Condition BFO: BFO_0000019
Body site of sensor BodySite Describe sensor place platform Partial match BodySite BFO: BFO_0000006
Adverse even AdverseEvent Events occur during the course of patient medical care AdverseEvent BFO: BFO_0000016
Patient allergy AllergyIntolerance Description of patient allergies AllergyIntolerance BFO: BFO_0000016
Patient location Location Location of the patient Exact Location BFO: BFO_0000006
Family history FamilyMemberHistory Medical history of patient’s family members FamilyMemberHistory BFO: BFO_0000182
Treatment plan CarePlan Define patient’s future, current, or past custom care plan CarePlan BFO: OBI_0000011
Goal Goal Define the medical goal of a care plan Goal BFO: BFO_0000019
Diet NutritionOrder Describe ordered diet NutritionOrder BFO: BFO_0000019
Drug Medication Define a drug such as insulin Medication BFO: BFO_0000040
Plan medication MedicationRequest Medication prescription for patient MedicationRequest BFO: IAO_0000030
Medication dosage Dosage Dosage instruction information Dosage BFO: BFO_0000019
Taken medications MedicationStatement Patient’s current medications list MedicationStatement BFO: IAO_0000030
WBAN sensors Device Describes WBAN components (e.g. sensor) sensing device Exact Device BFO: BFO_0000040
Patient-physician Encounter Interaction between a patient and healthcare provider Encounter BFO: OBI_0000011
Patient-physician EpisodeOfCare Track provider for ongoing care of the patient EpisodeOfCare BFO: OBI_0000011
Care team CareTeam Group of practitioners responsible for patient monitoring CareTeam BFO: BFO_0000023
Exercise Procedure A procedure done by patient as a part of treatment plan Procedure BFO: BFO_0000019
UoM Element Units of measurement BFO: IAO_0000030
Education Procedure Patient education as a part of the treatment plan Procedure BFO: OBI_0000011