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Table 5 The results of tool performance evaluation

From: QAnalysis: a question-answer driven analytic tool on knowledge graphs for leveraging electronic medical records for clinical research

Time Number Typical types Example
t < 1 39 Less than three nodes and no logical operation OR 2013年10月入院的患者(Patients admitted to hospital in October 2013)
1 s ≤ t ≤ 2 s 5 More than three nodes 患有冠心病没吃中药的患者有哪些(Who are the patients with coronary heart disease and taking no Chinese medicine)
2 s < t ≤ 6 s 1 More than three nodes and contain several logic operators, especially OR and TimeOperator 2013年之后吃了至灵胶囊或用了白玉膏或用了艾迪注射液的男性肺癌患者的年龄分布(The age distribution of male patients with lung cancer who took the ZhiLing capsule or BaiYu cream or injected Addie after 2013)
6 s < t 5 Do filtering and matching time operations 住院次数大于4次的肺癌患者做了哪些手术(What procedures did lung cancer patients with more than 4 hospitalized records take?)