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Table 7 Significant differences in willingess to share own data by respondent demographics (p < = 0.05), sorted from least to most variation in willingness to share

From: A two-site survey of medical center personnel’s willingness to share clinical data for research: implications for reproducible health NLP research

Substance abuse Female↓; Male↑; High school and Some college and College degree↑; Grad./Prof degree↓; 26–40↑; 41–56 and 56 + ↓
Domestic violence Female↑; Male↑; Some College and College degree↑; Grad./Prof degree↓; Staff↑; Other and Faculty↓
Mental Health Some College↑; College Graduate↑; Grad./Prof degree↓; Faculty↓; Staff↑
Disability Male↑; Female↓; Grad./Prof degree↓; Some College↑; Faculty↓; Staff↑
Lab results College degree↑; Grad./Prof degree↓; Faculty↓; Staff ↑
Cancer history Female↓; Male↑; 26–40↑; 41–56 and 56 + ↓
Reproductive history Female↑; Male↓; 26–40↑; 41–56 and 56 + ↓
Diagnostic Faculty↓; Staff↑; Grad. Prof degree↓
Childhood diseases 18–25↓; 56 + ↑; Faculty↓; Student↓
Chronic Illness 26–4↑; 41–55 and 56 + ↓
Demographics Male↑; Female↓
Alcohol/tobacco use 26–40↑; 41–56↓
Vital signs None
Medications None
Surgeries None
  1. ↑ = more willing to share; ↓ = less willing to share