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Table 3 Examples of transformation functions and their descriptions

From: An approach for transgender population information extraction and summarization from clinical trial text

Function Description Parameter Restriction Example
Split(G1) (G2, G3) Splitting G 1 into G 2 and G 3 SplitJudgement(G1) == True Input G1 = ‘Transgender AllOuput G2 = ‘Transgender MaleG3 = ‘Transgender Female
Merge(G1, G2) →G 3 Merging G 1 and G 2 into G 3 SplitJudgement(G1) == False SplitJudgement(G2) == False SimilarJudgement(G1, G2) == True ReverseJudgement(G1, G2) == True Input G1 = ‘Biological MaleG2 = ‘Biological FemaleOuput G3 = ‘Biological All
TransConstrain (G1→ G2 G 1 is transformed into the transgender type G 2   Input G1 = ‘Biological MaleOuput G2 = ‘Transgender Female