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Table 1 The mapping between GFO-TCM and TCMLS-SN

From: An ontological framework for the formalization, organization and usage of TCM-Knowledge

Entity Thing
Category -
 Concept Symbol Universal Conceptual Entity
  Conceptual Structure of Human Body -
  Function Phenomenon and Process
Physiology Phenomenon or Process
-TCM Physiological Function
 Health Problem (-Disease,-Symptom, -Traditional Medicine Conditions) Phenomenon And Process
-Etiology Pathogenesis and Disease TCM
 TCM Related Subjects Related Subjects of TCM TCM Subjects
 TCM Theories Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory
Symbolic Structure-Formula Medical Substance-Formula
Individual Physical And Presentational Object
 Abstract-Persistant -
 Concrete Physical And Presentational Object
  Presential-Material Object
  Informationsobject -
 Processual Structure Event
  Occurrent-Action Activity
  Process-Pharmaceutical Procedure
  -Change -
 Property Property and Function of Chinese Medicinal
  -Nature of Chinese Medicinal -Nature of Chinese Medicinal
  -ObjectProperty: hasCompatibility -Function of Chinese Medicinal
Chinese Medicinal Combination