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Table 1 Medical event categories and examples

From: An approach for medical event detection in Chinese clinical notes of electronic health records

Category Instance
Description of symptoms There was no obvious cause of cough in the child for 6 days. The first cough was not severe, the next day there was fever, the body temperature was more than 39, no rash, no chills.
History of treatment Taking retinoic acid induced differentiation therapy from 2014.4.30, 2014.5.3 using daunorubicin 40 mg×3 days chemotherapy
History of diagnosis The patient found hbv infection 4 years ago
Admission status Now I am seeking to further diagnose and treat the “coronary heart disease” to receive our hospital.
General status During the course of the disease, the patient’s sleep diet may be normal, and the weight will not change significantly in the near future.
Imaging examination Outpatient examination x-ray shows: right knee osteoarthritis
Laboratory examination Outpatient OGTT examination showed fasting blood glucose 13.69 mmol/L, 2 hours blood glucose 23.77 mmol/L
Electrocardiogram examination ECG prompts st-t segment depression, t-wave anomaly
Endoscopy Electronic laryngoscopy: right vocal polyp
Pathological examination Lively cut a piece to send pathology to show chronic inflammation of the rectal mucosa with polypoid hyperplasia