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Table 3 Mapping between VPM device-measured parameters (related to measurements from the FrailSafe devices) and Archetypes

From: Integrating an openEHR-based personalized virtual model for the ageing population within HBase

Parameters Parameters content openEHR Archetypes Existing/New Archetype items Used/Added
Heart rate -Daily statistics (average,max, etc.) for: heart rate,rr-interval,heart rate variability when: 1)sitting/standing,2)walking,3)lying, 4)walking upstairs/downstairs, 5)in transition -Device used,-Abnormal Events EHR-OBSERVATION.pulse.v1 EHR-CLUSTER.device.v1 Data.Rate (beats per min), Data.Variability, State.Position, Events.Maximum, Events.Any event, Protocol.device
   EHR-OBSERVATION.ecg_test_result.v0 Data.RR Rate
   EHR-CLUSTER.level_of_exertion.v1 Items.Exercise.Description (e.g. walking)
Respiration Rate -Daily statistics (average,max, etc.) for: respiration rate, breathing amplitude when: 1)sitting/standing,2)walking,3)lying, 4)walking upstairs/downstairs, 5)in transition -Device used,-Abnormal Events EHR-OBSERVATION.respiration.v1 EHR-CLUSTER.device.v1 Data.Rate (beats per min), Data.Depth State.Position, Events.Any event, Protocol.device
   EHR-CLUSTER.level_of_exertion.v1 Items.Exercise.Description (e.g. walking)
Blood pressure -Mean daily systolic/diastolic/pulse value -Device used, -Abnormal Events EHR-OBSERVATION.blood_pressure.v1 EHR-CLUSTER.device.v1 Data.(Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse Pressure)(mm[Hg]), Events.Any event, Protocol.device
Arterial stiffness -PulseAmplification, Augmentation Index75, Vascular Resistance, Cardiac Output, Stroke Volume Cardiac Index, Augmentation, Reflection Coefficient, Pulse Wave Velocity, Mean stiffness value daily, -Device used EHR-OBSERVATION.arterial_stiffness.v0 EHR-CLUSTER.device.v1 Data.(Pulse Amplification,..., Stiffness), Protocol.Device
Indoor activities Mean time spent daily: 1)in the living room, 2)in the restroom, 3)in the bedroom, 4)indoors in general, 5)walking inside, 6)sitting/standing, 7)lying EHR-OBSERVATION.activities.v0 EHR-CLUSTER.device.v1 Data.Duration (min), Data.Description, Data.Place, Protocol.Device
Outdoor mobility pattern Daily values for: 1) total distance covered, 2) total duration, 3) total number of steps, 4) radius covered, 5) area covered, 6) average walk speed, 7) total walk time, 8) total stop time, 9) total vehicle time, 10) walk time percentage, 11) vehicle time percentage, 12) stop time percentage, 13) number of tracks, 14) track average distance, 15) track average duration, 16) track maximum distance, 17) track maximum duration EHR-OBSERVATION.outdoor_mobility_pattern.v0 EHR-CLUSTER.device.v1 Data.(Distance, Duration,...,Track maximum duration), Protocol.Device
Game1 Daily values for: 1) Max force, 2) Average max force, 3) Average endurance, 4) Max endurance, 5) Average score, 6) Max score, 7) Average game duration, 8) Max game duration Daily statistics for: 9) Height over game duration, 10) Distance over game duration, 11) Speed over game duration, 12) Lives over game duration, 13) Force over game duration EHR-CLUSTER.red_wings_game.v0 Data.(Max Force,...,Force over game duration)
  1. Bold text indicates newly developed archetypes or added archetype items