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Table 1 Characteristics of the PD and HD studies

From: Characterizing patient compliance over six months in remote digital trials of Parkinson’s and Huntington disease

Parameter CIS-PD study Open PRIDE-HD sub-study
Patient sample size 51 17
Study duration 6 months 6 months
Remote compliance metrics (1) Medication reporting
(2) Symptoms reporting
(3) Smartwatch data streaming
(1) Medication reporting
(2) Symptoms reporting
(3) Smartwatch data streaming
(4) Structured motor assessments at home
Sites 4 sites in US 11 sites across US, UK, Austria, Germany
Devices Apple Watch, iPhone Pebble watch, iPhone
App-based medication reporting The normal medication regimen of the patient Pridopidine (interventional investigational drug), twice per day per study protocol:
a morning dose between 7:00 and 12:00, and an evening dose 7 to 10 h later
App-based symptoms reporting Symptom severity three times per day Chorea severity during the last five minutes, once per day
Wearing of smartwatch A minimum of 12 h per day for 25 days per month Continuously throughout study duration, preferably between 9:00–21:00
Performance of structured motor assessments at home NA Every other day, alternating mornings and evenings