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Table 2 User groups who interacted with the mHealth system

From: Designing mHealth for maternity services in primary health facilities in a low-income setting – lessons from a partially successful implementation

User Groups Description
Health care providers Health workers (health officersa and nurses/midwives) who provided maternity care service (i.e. antenatal, delivery and postnatal care).
These users interacted with the system through a mobile phone application.
Supervisors at District/Zonal health office Health service administrators and supervisors to whom health care providers, at health centers, were supposed to report.
Users under this group interacted with the system through a back-end web-based application to retrieve the data and generate a more detailed analysis.
System Administrator System Administrator was an IT professional that indirectly interacted with the system to do system maintenance, administration, and database backup activities.
  1. aHealth Officers – are mid-level professionals who receive 4 years of clinical and public health training