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Table 7 Classification of PHIS basic dataset

From: Primary health information standard system based on semantic interoperability

Part numberClassification of dataset
Part1Personal information
Part2Medical institution information
Part3Medical record summary
Part4Outpatient and emergency medical record
Part5Outpatient and emergency prescription
Part6Examination and laboratory test record
Part7Admission record
Part8Nursing valuation and plan
Part9Nursing operation record
Part10General therapy and treatment record
Part11Informing information
Part12Inpatient order
Part13Inpatient progress note
Part14Delivery record of therapy and treatment
Part15Home page of inpatient medical record
Part16Home page of inpatient medical record summary of TCM
Part17Discharged brief
Part18Transfer record
Part19children’s health
Part20women’s health
Part21Disease management
Part22Disease control