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Table 3 An example of multiple-choice questions in the questionnaire

From: An automated pipeline for analyzing medication event reports in clinical settings

Reports Report Details
Target Report Patient given 60 mg Drug A ivp 4.5 h early than scheduled time. Dr. [x] called and said hold Drug B for 2 hours. Pt showing no signs or symptoms of reaction to early dose.
A Patient was ordered Drug A 0.1 mg PO QHS. The order was put in with the correct directions and wrong time. [x] gave the patient Drug A 0.1 mg at 06:30 instead of 21:30 on 9/16/16. Pharmacy did not merge the manual order yesterday with their order so the patient also received 0.1 mg at 21:30 on 9/15/16. I discontinued the manual order and informed [x].
B Patient given Drug A and developed redness and rash, drug discontinued, given Drug B.
C Pyxis drawer failed and never opened when trying to remove 4 5 mg Drug A. Drawer then recovered with [x]. oxy count was then off, report showed that I had pulled the meds which I had not. [x] was also a witness.
D I went into the room at 16:30, to give the patient her 17:00 meds. While in the room, I asked the patient if she was in pain. She stated she was and would like a pain pill. Without double checking the MAR I pulled the patients Drug A and gave it to her. When I informed the nurse that I had given her the drug, she stated the next dose is scheduled at 20:00.