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Table 2 Two similar medication event reports

From: An automated pipeline for analyzing medication event reports in clinical settings

Cases Report Details
Report_1 Patient ordered: Take 1/2 of Drug A 0.5 mg tab for total dosage of 0.25 mg TID. When looking at the narc book to check what had been signed out since yesterday I noticed that [x] who gave the patient’s AM dose did not 1/2 the tablet that she gave. I double checked with the destruction log to see if anything was wasted and it was not. Patient received 0.5 mg instead of 0.25 mg. Informed adult day nurse [x] who will follow up with the charge nurse and inform the physician.
Report_2 39 units of Drug A drawn and administered instead of the required 14 units of Drug A as ordered. (Does have an order for 25 units of Drug A not QID)