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Table 2 Participant consent preferences for secondary use

From: Sharing longitudinal, non-biological birth cohort data: a cross-sectional analysis of parent consent preferences

  Preferred consent model if asked to share data from their original cohort
Preferred consent model if participating in a new study
Traditional, Opt-In Consent
(Participant asked each time dataset shared)
75 (21.9) 78 (22.8)
Broad, One-Time Consent
(Participant is asked permission one-time at beginning for all future uses)
33 (9.6) 35 (10.2)
Broad, Periodic Consent
(Participant is asked every two years for permission to continue sharing data)
33 (9.6) 25 (7.3)
Tiered (or Conditional) Consent
(Participant identifies allowable uses of their data when granting permission)
40 (11.7) 41 (12.0)
Opt-Out Consent
(Participant must declare withdrawal within 3 months or permission is assumed)
162 (47.2) 163 (47.7)