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Table 4 Prediction explanation generated on a random positive patient with high probability score

From: Improving palliative care with deep learning

Patient MRN XXXXXXX    
Probability score 0.946    
Factors Code Value Influence Description
Top Diagnostic factors V10.51 4 0.0051 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of bladder
  V10.46 5 0.0019 Personal history of malignant neoplasm of prostate
  518.5 1 0.0012 Pulmonary insufficiency following trauma and surgery
  518.82 1 0.0008 Other pulmonary insufficiency
  88.75 1 0.0006 Diagnostic ultrasound of urinary system
Top Procedural factors 88331 1 0.0017 Pathology consultation during surgery with FS
  75984 1 0.0014 Transcatheter Diagnostic Radiology Procedure
  72158 1 0.0013 MRI and CT Scans of the Spine
  Code_Type_Count 76 0.0011 Summary statistic (count of all ICD/CPT codes)
  76005 1 0.0007 Fluroscopic guidance and localization of needle or catheter tip for spine
Top Medication factors     
Top Encounter factors Hx Scan 21 0.0012 Number of scan encounters of all types
  Inpatient 60 0.0004 Number of days patient was admitted
  Var_Codes_per_Day 8 0.0002 Summary statistic (variance in number of codes assigned per day)
  Code_Day_Count 88 0.0001 Number of days any encounter code was assigned
Top Demographic factors Age 81 0.0010 Age of patient in years at prediction time
  1. Only factors that contributed to a drop in probability score are reported