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Table 4 Ambiguities using HGVS nomenclature arising from overlapping genes and different sources, by the example of variant rs121913529

From: Variant information systems for precision oncology

Ensembl HGVS dbSNP HGVS Associated
NC_000012.11:g.25398284C>G   KRAS
ENST00000256078.4:c.35G >C NM_033360.3:c.35G >C KRAS-004
ENSP00000256078.4:p.Gly12Ala NP_203524.1:p.Gly12Ala KRAS-004
ENST00000311936.3:c.35G >C NM_004985.4:c.35G >C KRAS-001
ENSP00000308495.3:p.Gly12Ala NP_004976.2:p.Gly12Ala KRAS-001
ENST00000556131.1:c.35G >C   KRAS-002
ENSP00000451856.1:p.Gly12Ala   KRAS-002
ENST00000557334.1:c.35G >C   KRAS-003
ENSP00000452512.1:p.Gly12Ala   KRAS-003