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Table 2 Business processes identified from the user scenarios

From: Comprehensive user requirements engineering methodology for secure and interoperable health data exchange

ID Business process Description
BP1 Grant access to own Medical Record A patient in the visiting country grants the foreign HCP access to his/her medical record to facilitate treatment.
BP2 Access the medical record of a foreign patient The HCP accesses a foreign patient’s medical record, e.g. his/her medical history summary, medication treatment plan, diagnosis and relevant lab examination results.
BP3 User authentication using the national eID infrastructure The user is being authenticated via his/her nationally-issued eID.
BP4 Transmitting data for remote monitoring The user transmits data using a telemonitoring service.
BP5 Accessing the patient’s medical record while transferred via an ambulance Paramedics retrieve data from the patient’s medical record.
BP6 Exchanging triage information, while the patient is transferred to the hospital via an ambulance Paramedics transmit triage data to the respective hospital, e.g. wound pictures. The application transmits patient data in the ambulance and may provide guidance to the paramedics.
BP7 Exchange of medical information between HCPs HCPs exchange medical information directly, e.g. in the case of a medication safety issue, and notify the treating physician accordingly. This BP refers to an active way of communication and not to keeping notes in the patient’s medical record.