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Table 5 Top 15 known accessibility issues

From: Evaluating hospital websites in Kuwait to improve consumer engagement and access to health information: a cross-sectional analytical study

List of common known problems (Level AA) Count
Element “img” missing “alt” attribute 1776
Element “i” or italic used 142
On-mouseover event handler missing on-focus event handler 103
Image used as anchor is missing valid “alt” text 80
Insufficient contrast between text color and its background 69
Script not keyboard accessible – on-mouse-out missing on-blur 61
Anchor contains no text 53
Label text is empty 47
Input element type of “text” has no/missing associated label 38
Document language not identified 33
Document has invalid language code 32
Input element type of “text” has no text in label 21
Header nesting error 19
Element selected missing an associated label 18