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Table 4 Reasons for excluding assets from the real-time tracking

From: Real-time location system-based asset tracking in the healthcare field: lessons learned from a feasibility study

Asset Reason for exclusion
Patient tracking Little need for tracking at the site (e.g., psychiatric patients, neonates)
Laryngoscopy handle Reduces the usability of intubation devices (i.e., it is difficult to affix the tag because it could hinder visibility)
Difficulty in managing intubation devices (e.g., disinfection following each use)
Sandbag and ice pack While necessary, the return on investment is low (i.e., the tag cost is high relative to the unit cost for these items)
Operating room items The mobility of expensive medical instruments in the operating room is markedly low, so there is little need for tracking
Wheelchairs While necessary, they were excluded because they are not for indoor use only (e.g., they are used outdoors frequently at medical institutions)