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Table 3 Participants’ subjective opinions

From: Real-time location system-based asset tracking in the healthcare field: lessons learned from a feasibility study

Major classification n Sub-classification n Opinion
Locating/positioning 30 Detailed locations 7 I wish that the system showed more detailed locations in the ward
Location accuracy 18 The item is not in the location indicated
The location information is unreliable
Location errors occur depending on the strength of the WiFi signal
Tracking period 5 Real-time location identification would be nice
Active tag 18 Tag loss 7 The tags fall off the assets due to weak adhesion, and having to find the lost tags is burdensome
Tag size 9 I wish the tag was smaller
Battery cover 1 The battery cover falls off easily
Battery life 1 The battery drains too quickly
Target assets 21 Tracking additional assets 10 I wish we could add tags to other equipment
I wish that all the equipment in the asset categories (e.g., patient monitors) was included in the systema
Asset identification method 11 In addition to the asset identifier being automatically assigned to each asset for the system to recognize, a manual method of managing asset identifiers would be nice
Education 4 Need for user education 4 An explanation of the purpose and use of the system is needed
  1. Comments were provided via free text in the questionnaire
  2. aSome assets (e.g., patient monitors) used by some departments were not tracked in the study