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Table 4 Data properties of the SCTO

From: SNOMED CT standard ontology based on the ontology for general medical science

Property Definition Domain Range
Concept_Id The unique SNOMED CT Identifier for this Concept. SNOMED CT Concept String
Description_term The description’s text value, represented in UTF-8 encoding. SNOMED CT Description String
Description_typeId Identifies whether the description is an FSN, synonym, or other description type. SNOMED CT Description String
Relationship_relationshipGroup Groups together relationship versions that are part of a logically associated relationship group. SNOMED CT Relationship Integer
Relationship_active Specifies whether the relationship’s state is active or inactive. SNOMED CT Relationship Boolean
Relationship_characteristicTypeId A concept enumeration value that identifies the characteristic type of the relationship. SNOMED CT Relationship String
Total number of data properties 20