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Table 1 Comparison of the three Docker containers for i2b2

From: Implementation of informatics for integrating biology and the bedside (i2b2) platform as Docker containers

Name Ports Base image Content Function
(i2b2 code)
22, 443 Apache web server Query web interface, HTML and JavaScript User interface with the web pages and JavaScript AJAX calls trigger calls to i2b2 cells. This is the only component that is exposed to the external network.
I2b2-wildfly (web services or the cells) 8080, 9990 Jboss Wildfly Core i2b2 cells:
Data management (CRC), project management (PM), ontology management (metadata), Workspace
The cells listen for queries on port 8080 or 9990 and have a connection pool to the database.
5432 PostgreSQL Database tables for installed cells. The database only communicates with the i2b2 cells