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Table 1 Selected records of intellectual property concerning smart functions, design features and connected patient-care environments

From: Smart medical beds in patient-care environments of the twenty-first century: a state-of-art survey

Priority Year Ref Patent Title Highlight
1991 [35] US5335313A Voice-actuated (…) control system for hospital bed Speech Recognition
1992 [17] US6481688 Hospital bed communication and control device Accessibility Accessory for Beds
1994 [48] US5831221A Caster mounted weighing system Integrated Scale
  [49] US5454126A Foot egress chair bed Chair Position
1995 [50] US5542138 Bedside control unit for a hospital bed Environmental Control through bed
Adjustable interface
  [51] US7017208B2 Hospital Bed Graphical Interface
1998 [52] US6781517B2 Communication and Bed Function Control Apparatus Multiple Integrated Controls
2001 [53] US8334779 Touch Screen Control of a Hospital Bed Touchscreen
2004 [8] US7852208B2 Wireless Bed Connectivity Networking Functionality
2005 [10] US20080172789A1 Patient Support with Improved Control Integrated Front Panel, Side-rail Controls (patient and caregiver). Touchscreen, Graphical Interface. Environmental Control
2007 [54] EP2027844A1 Proximity Activation of Voice Operation of Hospital Bed Different Operation for Caregiver and Patient, Voice control
2010 [11] US20110214234A1 Multifunctional Display for Hospital Bed Touchscreen for Patient and Caregiver. Environmental control
2010 [55] EP2438897A2 Hospital bed with graphical user interface having advanced functionality Graphical User Interface, Networking, Communication
2010 [56] EP2460503A2 Biometric Bed Configuration Biometrics, Conditional Control