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Table 2 All concepts in our model, including origin and explanation of each concept

From: Development and validation of a model for the adoption of structured and standardised data recording among healthcare professionals

Model concepts Wixom and Todd [7] Hsieh [6] This study Explanation
Information reliability    X Whether the information in the EHR is reliable
Completeness X    Whether the information in the EHR is complete
Accuracy X    Whether the information in the EHR is accurate
Format X    Whether the information in the EHR is in an understandable format
Currency X    Whether the information in the EHR is up to date
System reliability X    Whether the user can trust that the EHR works
Flexibility X    Whether the user can use the EHR flexibly in different situations
Integration X    Whether the user needs to open multiple computer programs to gather all information on patients
Accessibility X    Whether the user can access the patient data in every place in the organization
Timeliness X    Whether the system responds to user input in a timely manner
System satisfaction X    The overall opinion of the user on the quality of the EHR
Compatibility   X   Whether the EHR supports the work processes of the user
Awareness    X Whether the user knows why it is important that their data are recorded correctly
Perceived ease of use X X   The overall opinion of the user on the usability of the EHR
Information satisfaction X    Whether the user is satisfied with the information that the EHR provides
Perceived usefulness X X   Whether the EHR aids in the user’s daily work
Attitude X X   What the user thinks of structured and standardised recording
Interpersonal influence   X   Whether the supervisor promotes correct recording
Governmental influence   X   Whether the government (i.e. the inspectorate) promotes correct recording
Subjective norm   X   Whether the user records correctly because colleagues expect this
Self-efficacy   X   Whether the user is capable of correct recording
Facilitating conditions   X   Whether there is enough time to record data correctly
Perceived behavioural control   X   Whether it is within the user’s control to record data correctly
Situational normality   X   Whether it is normal in the organisation to record correctly
Structural assurance   X   Whether the organisation ensures that data are stored safely and cannot be lost
Institutional trust   X   Whether the user trusts that the organisation stores the records safely
Perceived risk   X   Whether the reuse of data can harm the patients’ privacy and or safety
Intention to act X X   Whether the user wants to record data structured and standardised and wants to reuse data
Behaviour    X A number of facets that indicate whether the user is already recording structured and standardised data