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Table 2 The entities created for OCRV based on the data analysis needs

From: An ontology-guided semantic data integration framework to support integrative data analysis of cancer survival

OCRV entity Label
Classes social vulnerability index
• SVI household composition and disability
• SVI housing and transportation
• SVI minority status and languages
• SVI socioeconomic status
BRFSS current smoker
• BRFSS current every day smoker
• BRFSS current someday smoker
• BRFSS smoker who smoked at least 100 cigarettes in the entire life
BRFSS heavy drinker
• male heavy drinker who reported having more than 14 drinks per week
• female heavy drinker who reported having more than 7 drinks per week
rural-urban commuting area codes
• metropolitan area core
• metropolitan area high commuting
• metropolitan area low commuting
• micropolitan area core
• micropolitan high commuting
• micropolitan low commuting
• small town core
• small town high commuting
• small town low commuting
• rural areas
census tract high school completion rate
census tract family poverty rate
county adult mental health status
county adult physical health status
county density of primary care physicians
unknown marital status
Object properties has death cause
has diagnosis
has marital status
has procedure
has smoking status
has drinking status
has tumor type
has tumor stage
has stage
has race
has biological sex
has ethnicity
has insurance payer
has survival status
has tumor stage
has family poverty level
has education level
has mental health condition
has physical health condition
has primary care physician ratio
has svi
lives in
Data properties has BRFSS final weight