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Table 7 Common types of prediction errors. Bold: annotated entity; Underline: predicted entity

From: Extracting psychiatric stressors for suicide from social media using deep learning

Boundary • when the bottom of my foot inches i want death.
allen high school makes me want to kill myself for not allowing me to get out of a 2nd math class (that i don’t need) knowing i work
hormonal birth control made me suicidal and acne-ridden! there’s no winning against the beast within me
Annotation error: missing annotation harassment is not a thing you should have fun with. it almost killed me yesterday.
Negation • im confident in my maths but phys makes me want to die i want
Entity in wrong context • gonna kill myself after work today. Cant take the bullying no longer.
False negative • when will my best friend stop telling me every little things she does with her boyfriend. i want death
• i’d kill myself to make everybody pay