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Table 5 Examples in the semantic relation evaluation dataset

From: Evaluating semantic relations in neural word embeddings with biomedical and general domain knowledge bases

Evaluation term UMLS Synonym WordNet Synonym WordNet Antonym WordNet Hypernym WordNet Hyponym
native american (AN *) first_nation amerindian   someone carib
   indian   individual arawak
   amerind   mortal american_indian
hand (N) hand_no hired_hand   manual_laborer right
   deal   help hooks
   paw   crewman ostler
important (A)   authoritative unimportant   
   crucial noncrucial   
   significant insignificant   
Evaluation term WordNet Holonym WordNet Meronym WordNet Sibling WordNet Derivation WordNet Pertainym
native american (AN)    gatekeeper amerind american_indian
hand (N) timepiece arteria_digitalis day_labourer handwrite  
  timekeeper metacarpus botany paw  
  human_being thenar printing_process scriptural  
important (A)     importance  
  1. *A: Adjective; N: Noun; AN: Adjective + Noun