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Table 5 Example outputs of svm-based system

From: Identifying direct temporal relations between time and events from clinical notes

Sentence Predicted Gold standard
Subsequently [his creatinine]e rose for [three days]t and then stabilized at 10. overlap overlap
[Cardiac catheterization]e was performed without complication from the right neck and right groin on [the day]t of admission. overlap overlap
3. On [the morning of 12–01]t, the patient had some transient episodes of hypotension with [SBP s]e in the 70 s. overlap N/A
Initially on [Vanc]e and Cipro on [Friday]t but then seen by ID who recommended no abx but a bone biopsy, blood cx. N/A overlap
Anti-coagulation was started with Warfarin 5 mg with a goal of 2–3 and a plan for [cardioversion]e in [6 weeks]t. overlap after
[POD# 15/6]t, she resumed [TF]e ‘s and TPN was tapered again. overlap after
  1. In the “sentences”, the target time expression and the target event mention are marked with square brackets and subscripts ‘t’ and ‘e’, respectively. “Predicted” is the type of direct temporal relation predicted by the SVM-based system. “Gold standard” is the gold standard type of direct temporal relation. When the temporal relation is non-direct, it is represented as “N/A”