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Table 3 Definitions and grading of some medical conditions

From: Metabolic syndrome in hypertensive women in the age of menopause: a case study on data from general practice electronic health records

Parameters Definitions or grading
Stages of chronic renal impairment Grading is based on using GFRa cut-off values - a measure of renal function decline that is derived from data indicating sex, age, weight and serum creatinine (according to the online available MDRDb formula)
Impaired fasting blood glucose
Diabetes type 2 diagnosis
Fasting blood glucose ≥6.1 < 7.0 mmol/L
Fasting blood glucose ≥7.0 mmol/L
Normal blood lipids values Total cholesterol < 5.0 mmol/L
LDL-cholesterol ≤3.0 mmol/L
HDL-cholesterol ≥1.2 mmol/L (F)
Triglycerides ≤1.7 mmol/L
Categories of BMI BMI < 19 - malnutrition
BMI 19–24.9 - normal weight
BMI 25–29.9 - overweight
BMI ≥30 - obesity
Physical activity level Good: sport activities, farming or out of house work (at least twice a week)
Intermediate: housekeeping, walking for an hour or more (at least twice a week)
Low: sedentary lifestyle and lower-energy in house activities
Socio-economic status Good: bigger house or flat residency and income at the average or above the average for Croatia
Intermediate: smaller house or flat residency and income below the average for Croatia but still sufficient to meet the existential needs
Low: cpoor housing and low income, below the existential needs
Positive family history on CVD Defined as an early onset of coronary heart disease, at or before 50 years of age, for the father and brothers, and at or before 60 years of age, for the mother and systers
  1. aGlomerular filtration rate
  2. bModification of Diet in Renal Disease
  3. cOnly two subjects registered