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Table 2 Parameters obtained by patients interview and their abbreviations and descriptions

From: Metabolic syndrome in hypertensive women in the age of menopause: a case study on data from general practice electronic health records

  Parameter Description
wai Waist circumference (cm) Numeric < 78, 120>
BMI BMI (height, weight) (kg/m2) Numeric < 21.11, 38.28>
smo Cigarette smoking (Yes, stopped, No) Nominal {Yes, sto, No}
alc Usual in house alcohol use (for two or more days a week) Binary {Yes/No}
fhis Family history of CVD: Yes/No Binary {Yes/No}
soc Socio-economic status (good, intermediate, low) Nominal {g, in, lo}
meno Menopause duration (age of onset/years after menopause) Nominal {no, < 1, 1–3, > 3}
chil Number of children born Numeric < 1, 5>
abor Number of abortuses Numeric < 0, 2>
sle Sleep quality (good/bad) Binary {g, b}
phy Physical activity level (good, intermediate/low) Nominal {g, in/lo}
HRT Hormonal replacement therapy: Yes/No Not applicable (1 case)