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Table 1 Comparing the tool’s treatment recommendation to the physicians’ assessment

From: A mobile phone based tool to identify symptoms of common childhood diseases in Ghana: development and evaluation of the integrated clinical algorithm in a cross-sectional study

Triaged as Tool Physicians’ notes
A Requiring emergency treatment:
“Take your child to the nearest hospital immediately!”
Emergency treatment (e.g. i.v. fluids, i.v. antibiotics, i.m./i.v. antimalarial drugs) or hospitalization for further investigation
B Requiring etiologic treatment:
“Take your child to the nearest hospital within 24 h!”
Etiologic treatment (e.g. antibiotics, antimalarial drugs in oral form etc.) or follow-up
C Requiring home care:
“Treat your child at home and assess disease progression carefully!”
Symptomatic treatment (e.g. nasal drops or paracetamol) or follow-up was not expected to be needed