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Table 2 Clinical variables considered in building predictive models for Stage-3 AKI

From: Causal risk factor discovery for severe acute kidney injury using electronic health records

Feature Category # of Variable Details
Demographics 3 Age, gender, race
Vitals 5 BMI, diastolic BP, systolic BP, pulse, temperature
Lab Tests 14 Albumin, ALT, AST, Ammonia, Blood Bilirubin, BUN, Ca, CK-MB, CK, Glucose, Lipase, Platelets, Troponin, WBC
Comorbidities 28 UHC comorbidity
Admission Diagnosis 129 UHC APR-DRG
Medications 482 All medications are mapped to RxNorm ingredient
Medical History 230 ICD9 codes mapped to CCS major diagnoses