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Table 1 Archetypes of CCTA clinical data registry

From: An openEHR based approach to improve the semantic interoperability of clinical data registry

Reused from EHR archetypes Reused from CKM New
DEM-PARTY_IDENTITY. person_name.v1 OBS.blood_pressure.v1 OBS.exercise_summary.v1
DEM-PERSON.person-patient.v1 EVA.tobacco_smoking_summary.v1 OBS.CCTA_parameter.v1
DEM-ITEM_TREE.person.v1_details.v1 OBS.alcohol_use.v1 OBS.CCTA_report.v1
DEM-ADDRESS.address.v1 EVA.family_history.v2  
DEM-ADDRESS.electronic_communication.v1 OBS.body_weight.v2  
ADM_ENTRY.admission.v1 OBS.height.v1  
EVA.problem_diagnosis.v1 OBS.pulse.v1  
  1. DEM is short for openEHR-DEMOGRAPHIC; OBS is short for openEHR-OBSERVATION; INS is short for openEHR-INSTRUCTION; CLU is short for openEHR-CLUSTER; ADM is short for openEHR-ADMIN_ENTRY