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Table 9 AP clustering result for the publication during the year2007–2016

From: A bibliometric analysis of natural language processing in medical research

Cluster Theme Key terms
1 Computational biology Computational biology; Biomedical literature; Factual database; Gene; Natural language processing method; Software; Text mining
2 Terminology mining Controlled vocabulary; Artificial intelligence; Automatic pattern recognition; Data mining; Terminology as topic
3 Information extraction Corpus; Annotation; Information extraction; Named entity recognition; Sentence
4 Text classification Feature; Classification; Clinical text; Machine learning; Support vector machine
5 Social medium as data source Language; Medical informatics; Social medium
6 Clinical information Medical record; Accuracy; Clinical note; Disease; Electronic health record; Medical record system; Patient
7 Patient characteristics Middle aged; Adult; Aged; Female; Male
8 Performance measurements Recall; F-measure; Precision
9 Outcome evaluation Sensitivity and specificity; Radiology report; Reproducibility of result; Sensitivity; Specificity
10 Information retrieval Unified medical language system; Concept; Information storage and retrieval; Ontology; Semantics