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Table 4 “Full Cost” elements for care that takes place in a Military Treatment Facility (Direct Care)

From: Leveraging healthcare utilization to explore outcomes from musculoskeletal disorders: methodology for defining relevant variables from a health services data repository

Full Cost Subcomponent Variable Description
FCCLNSAL Clinician salary portion of full cost
FCLAB Laboratory portion of full cost
FCOST1 Full cost for the E&M APG
FCOST2 Full cost for the medical APG
FCOST3 Full cost for Procedure 1 APG
FCOST4 Full cost for Procedure 2 APG
FCOST5 Full cost for Procedure 3 APG
FCOST6 Full cost for Procedure 4 APG
FCOTHANC Other ancillary portion of full cost (minus materials)
FCOTHLBR Other labor portion of full cost
FCPROFSAL Professional salary portion of full cost
FCRAD Radiology portion of full cost
FCRX Pharmacy portion of full cost (minus materials)
FCSUP Support portion of full cost
  1. APG Ambulatory Patient Group, E&M Evaluation and Management Coding in support of medical billing