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Table 2 Comparisons between a selection of consumption items on the Australian National Drug Strategy Household Survey, AUDIT and the Groga Survey App

From: Developing a tablet computer-based application (‘App’) to measure self-reported alcohol consumption in Indigenous Australians

Existing survey item Response categories Wording changes Response categories Technical solutions Survey delivery solutions
Have you had an alcoholic drink of any kind in the last 12 months?b [NDSHS] Yes, No Have you had any groga at all in the last 12 months? (Since the [Easter holidays] last year)c Yes, No The App dynamically calculates which reference point to use (for ‘in the last 12-months e.g. Easter holidays versus New Year) and inserts this into the survey question (text on screen and in audio) Headphones supplied for privacy and anonymity; research assistant sitting a little away if assistance needed
In the last 12 months, how often did you have an alcoholic drink of any kind?b[NDSHS] • Every day
• 5 to 6 days a week
• 3 to 4 days a week
• 1 to 2 days a week
• 2 to 3 days a month
• About 1 day a month
• Less often
• No longer drink
Some people drink grog most days while others drink ‘once in a blue moon’d. How often do you drink grog at all?e • ‘Once in a blue moon’d
• Sometimes
• A few times a week
• Most days or every day
How often do you have a drink containing alcohol? [AUDIT Q1] • Never
• Monthly or less
• 2-4 times a month
• 2-3 times week
• 4 or more times a week
How often do you have six or more standard drinks on one occasion? [AUDIT Q3] • Never
• Less than monthly
• Monthly
• Weekly
• Daily or almost daily
Thinking of the last 12-months [since Easter last year], how often would you drink [this much grog or more] in 1 day (24 h)?e • Never
• ‘Once in a blue moon’d(less than once a month)
• Sometimes (1-3 times a month)
• A few times a week (1-3 times a week)
• Most days or every day
Dynamically shows image equivalent of 5 standard drinks (50 g) of the alcohol type most often consumed based on the last 4 drinking occasions.
  1. aSlang for ‘alcohol’
  2. bFrom the 2013 Australian National Drug Strategy Household Survey
  3. cExample of reference points used to anchor answers reflecting on ‘in the last 12-months’ time period
  4. dSlang for ‘rarely’
  5. eExample of using a conversational way to ask about drinking, often with a gentle introduction to the question