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Table 1 Grid showing skill area of individuals (n = 44) who advised on the development or testing of a tablet-based survey ‘App’ to help Indigenous Australians describe their drinking patterns

From: Developing a tablet computer-based application (‘App’) to measure self-reported alcohol consumption in Indigenous Australians

Skill areaa Indigenous (n) Non-Indigenous (n)
Drug and alcohol (clinical) 7 4
Drug and alcohol (non-clinical) 11
Drug and alcohol (policy) 3 2
Mental health 1 1
Health promotion 2 1
Medicine 1 4
Psychology 2
Justice 2
Research (alcohol and other drugs) 5 11
Research (alcohol surveys, epidemiology, biostatistics, sociology, anthropology) 6
Proof reading 4
Community member 3
Total 35 35
  1. aSome individuals have multiple skill areas, so total numbers in this table are greater than the number of individuals (n = 44) who advised on development of the App