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Table 5 Comments collected from the “general evaluation” section

From: Functionality of hospital information systems: results from a survey of quality directors at Turkish hospitals

Participant comments Frequency
Thanks for the study and for the opportunity to evaluate HIS functionalities currently in use 33
Every HIS function in survey would positively affect quality of healthcare 22
Some functions are available as a part of our HIS, but they are not used 14
Turkish MoH should produce and share HIS for common use 12
HIT department support is insufficient, ineffective, or disregards users; technical problems lead to sub-optimal use 12
Every HIS function in survey should be mandatory for every HIS 10
Employees and managers lack training and experience to use HIS effectively 7
MoH should define certification standards for HIS and related products 5
Comments about specific functions (PACS, telemedicine, monitoring indicators, nursing care plans) 5
Suggested HIS functions related to quality and patient safety not included in survey 5
National integration of HIS and patient records available to all healthcare institutions 3
Integration problems between information systems used by MoH and hospitals 3
Total 131